October 5, 2010

WP7 Update 2

- Windows Phone 7: $99 Marketplace Rebate

Microsoft's charging developers a one-time $99 USD fee to list up to five applications yearly in the store might be a deal breaker for some but luckily there's the Microsoft Platform Ready Program (MPR)but if you sign up in the first year and you post two apps in the marketplace then n you get your money back, heres hot to do it.

If you are a developer and interested in these benefits, here's what you have to do:
1. Sign up at phone.microsoftplatformready.com
2. Download the free developer tools
3. Get tele-tech support from Microsoft experts to speed your time to market, join now to access
4. Get $99 Marketplace Rebate. Rebate is valid for developers who publish 2+ apps into WP7 Marketplace, rebate will be sent within 4 weeks of publishing of second app.

It's a limited time offer so hurry up if that's where you want to be!

- The FCC just passed two new WP7 Phones the HTC PD29110 and HTC PD26110. PD29110 could be a T-Mobile device with its WCDMA Band IV radio and the PD26110 could be AT&T with its WCDMA V support. There were also some speculations that the PD26110 might actually be the HTC Spark

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