April 9, 2011

Review: Swiftpoint Mouse

It’s a mini mouse!

Where your thumb sits on the left side is a red indent, and on the opposite side there is an indent where you place your middle finger, enabled with SmartTouch technology (enabled by clicking both buttons, holding them down and moving the scroll wheel). Between the two buttons are where your left and right clickers are stationed, the right click being in front and the left click behind, both being enabled by your pointer finger. Slightly to the right is the scroll wheel, and behind the right click are the two status LEDs (for connection and battery strength). Across the bottom, there is a 10000 DPI censor with a magnet and the docking port used for charging It not only charges the mouse (a 30 second charge will give it an hour battery life, and a full charge will last about 2 weeks, of average use), it also has a little USB dongle that transmits the signal to/from the mouse. For easy transporting and mobile usability, Swiftpoint has included a parking accessory - thin matte adhesive film - which also acts as a magnet so when you move around the mouse stays in place. It goes on your palm rest so your mouse can work on glossy surfaces.

Since the mouse is so small, there are many shortcuts and ergonomic ways to move the mouse from its programmable up direction to its slide scroll. It allows you to tilt the mouse to the right and scroll up and down from the way the scroll wheel is shaped. If you press the left button while scrolling, you are able to zoom in or out on the page; alternately, if you press the right button while scrolling, you are able to scroll by page.

This mouse is small and very portable, so if you go to school or work between offices, this is beneficial. The battery life is a huge plus; it lasts for a very long time. It is also a great alternative to using the track pad on a laptop.

For everything positive about this mouse, there are a few negatives. For starters, there are no shortcut buttons and has no software interface. For the size and what it is (just a mouse), it is quite expensive.

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