October 3, 2010

Windows Phone 7 Update 1

Just want to put out there first and foremost that Windows Phone 7 or WP7 is not out yet.

- HTC HD7 (was named the HD3 but then renamed the HD7 after WP7 was going to be running on it) its a 4.3 inch screen with 8GB of storage and a 5MP camera, also on the list it has 1GHz processer and 802.11 b/g/n WiFi. and for sound its backing Dolby Mobile Sound. It also has a kick stand

- Windows Phone 7 Worldwide Launch Even @ the NYC Microsoft Technology Center Monday 10/11/10.
This event is said to start at 3pm and go till 4:30. Click here to see all the details this has a partnership with T-Mobile.

- On October 11th (same day as WP7 is being reviled) AT&T will be having its own WP7 debut party and show off its new devices

- HTC Mozart owner manual show up on the Orange help website. How to remove the battery and apparently this phone will have xenon lights (Thoes are the same lights used on high end headlights on cars)

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