April 9, 2011

Review: Keyport Slide

The ultimate key-chain!

The Keyport Slide is an alternative to a keychain, and is made of Lexan Polycarbonate with Stainless Steel, with a PVD and DLC finish, that comes in many different colours. There is a serial number on the back, so if you lose it and someone finds it, they can call Keyport and return it, and in return they get 10% off a purchase. The ends of the device are made of Lexan Polycarbonate and the end cap has a hole to put a lanyard through. There are six ports for places to put blades, ranging from standard, home, and auto keys to accessories such as flash drives and bottle openers. All of this is controllable by nodes made of stainless steel. This whole package weighs in at 2.1 oz., which is less than your standard six keys and key ring. If you have custom keys or chipped vehicle keys, you can send them to Keyport and they will make a copy of it for you.

No more fumbling with your keys trying to open the door; all you have to do is look for the colour node of the door that you have selected, and slide it out. All of your keys are easily accessible by just a thumb slide. Slide the key out, open the door, and put it back in to your pocket. All six keys are housed in a slim, small package that makes no noise and doesn’t stab you while they’re in your pocket. You’ll also never be without a flash drive again in a world that revolves around the “digital lifestyle”.

It is a hi-tech device, and it doesn’t make noise. Anyone who carries a bunch of keys around on a keychain knows how annoying the jingling can be.

The device itself is a bit expensive, and there doesn’t seem to be enough ports with all the accessories included in it. Something I also found was that some places might not cut the keys you want. For my car key, I had to go to a locksmith, and it was more expensive to get that one key cut then it is to buy the whole device.

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