Cool Gadgets

Keyport Slide - Website 18/08/10
This is something I happened to stumble upon. If you're like me and your keys keep stabing you and you hate how they jingle and make noise - or you just really like new techy things - then this is for you.

The Keyport Slide incorporates six of your keys (or four keys and your car key with a programmable chip) in to one little stealth sliding container that's about the size of a tic-tac box. All you do is press down on the little node and slide it forward to lock your key in place, and open/unlock/start what ever the key goes to.

Retails for $79.00 with the slide, six blank keys of your choosing. For a extra $29.00, you can send them your key with the chip in it and they will disassemble it and make it part of your Slide. You lose a port, but you can start your programmable car. Click here to see if you key is listed.


 Powermat- Website 08/09/10

One thing I can't live with out is my trusty Powermat. I always have it right next to me when I'm working at my desk or if I'm traveling. I like that fact that I can charge four devices (three of them being wireless and one being wired, via USB) and its all hot-swappable - if my phones about to die, I can take something off the mat and replace it with my phone. I did a review on the product and I am very happy with it. I recommend it to everyone, and you know what, it looks cool too. The only problem is that Powermat has yet to sell a case or anything for a Android based phone.