July 11, 2011

Update: July 11 2011

- Pokemon coming to Android
- HTC rolling out unlocked bootloaders to select phones in August
- Xperia Neo now shipping from Vodafone UK in stunning red apparel
- Samsung Galaxy S II gets torn down @ ifixit
- Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray swings through FCC with AT&T bands
- HTC Status ships July 17th, pre-order at AT&T
- Comcast Xfinity TV app updated for Honeycomb Android tablets and Gingerbread phones
- Google introducing 'zoom to fill screen' option on a 'near-future'
- Google Talk to use SRI technology for stabilizing video chats on 3.o or higher

Windows Phone 7
- No news lately, Hopefully it changes

- Virgin Mobile preparing to alter pricing for Blackberry Users
- Apple files second ITC patent infringement complaint against HTC
- Microsoft's Steve Ballmer says '400 million Windows 7 licenses sold'

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