July 7, 2011

After July 20th for Bell Samsung Galaxy S2

I was doing what I always do on Thursdays (Other then making TPT videos) witch is read all the tech flyer that coming in the newspaper, and this week I caught a good one.

In The Sources' flyer their was a huge bell ad that showed of the HTC Sensation and the Galaxy S2, in the fine print I noticed that it said some thing and it turns out the phone will be avalibale for $599.95 off contract, and a minimum of $50 dollar voice plane and 3 year aggremnt to get it for the reduced price (although its never mentioned).

Another thing I noticed is that the flyer is good until July 20th so that means it has to be "Coming Soon" untill it expires so im going to peg that this phone comes out on July 23ed

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