June 29, 2011

Google's Making leaps and bounds

First I would like to say, Sorry I have not made a video in a while I'm getting stuff sorted out and I have exams and such but look for some soon. Any ways on to the good stuff.

Google has made leaps and bounds in the past few months with their introduction of HTML5 based YouTube, and Google+.

Let’s start off with the HTML5 YouTube, First off as a developer I would like to say I’m really happy that Google has taken its mass powers and is shipping them on the net to start to drive the market change. YouTube had pervious HTML5 on the page such as on the Upload page where you can just drag a video on to the page and it would start uploading. Now they have updated the whole site with HTML5 and no Flash any more, what does that mean for the end user other then the cool black bars? Well it’s going to do two things first one is improve buffer time, in fact there is almost none, and second if your phone or computer does not have flash you will now be able to play these videos. I have been following this progression since the YouTube said they were going to do this.

Second Welcome to the Google Network of Social Networking called Google+. This is their stab at Social Networking and to be honest I’ve only used it for a few and I already like it better than Facebook. Sit and think about your favourite part of every Social networking program and it takes it and puts it all in one, with perfect execution, it’s got a Facebook style layout, Twitter style friends list, you can video conference like Skype and it take the Facebook like button that you can put on any page and made their own called +1. You can log in with your Gmail account and then go from there and set up your profile and get friends, but within friends you can make circles or groups (from BlackBerry Messenger). Another thing that it does is LiveStream videos and I’m sure there will be a picture sharing section like Flickr coming out called Photovine.

Overall Google is aiming to take over the web-a-sphere with complete domination of every market and the only two that they didn’t seam to have where Social Networking and Photo sharing, with both of them going to become very popular in the near future keep a eye out for the search engine giant, their going to be the internet giant soon enough.

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