April 13, 2011

Update: April 13 2011

- Froyo-based LG Thrive becomes AT&T's first prepaid smartphone
- Kyocera Echo review
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- Sony Ericsson sets up its own channel in Android Market
- HTC says Gingerbread coming to T-Mobile's G2 (and HTC Desire Z?)
- HTC Sensation heading to all other UK carriers
- Motorola bringing Froyo to Bravo, seeks guinea pigs to test it
- Sony Ericsson's Android bootloader unlocking site goes live
- Android adds carrier billing option for Sprint users

Windows Phone 7
- Hacked Multitasking

- TouchStudio from Microsoft Research tests users' willingness to code solely on their phone (This is kinda amazing)
- Windows Phone adds multitasking, deeper OS integration, and sensor access to dev platform
- Microsoft's Joe Belfiore confirms: Skype coming to Windows Phone 7

- T-Mobile's new plans get official: starting at $60 for unlimited everything, even throttling

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