March 24, 2011

Update: March 24 2011

- Motorola recognizes Atrix 4G voice quality issues
- HTC locks down Incredible S against custom ROMs
- ZTE's Style S and LTE tablet coming to the US during the second half of the year
- RIM adds Android app support to BlackBerry PlayBook
- Google not reviling source code yet, because its not ready for other devices. (I think they built if for the Xoom, and now expanding the code to be universal)

Windows Phone 7
- Microsoft serves up a 'NoDo' update schedule for Windows Phone 7 devices

- Nintendo 'moving away' from insisting on 3D to play 3DS games, wants them all playable in 2D aswell
- Ford Focus Electric hooks up wirelessly with AT&T
- AT&T planning access to Amazon Appstore
- Sprint, Google Voice getting tight integration, will let you use your number without porting it

via Engadget

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