March 21, 2011

Update: March 20-21 2011 + CTIA 21-24th

- HTC Arrive now available for $200 from Sprint (update: $50 at Amazon)
- Nexus S 4G confirmed by Sprint's own website, first 'fully integrated' Google Voice smartphone
- Google Nexus S 4G with WiMAX announced for Sprint: coming this spring for $200
- HTC Incredible S review Click Here
- HTC Incredible S render surfaces in red

- AT&T launches LG's 3D-enabled Thrill 4G
- Sprint Epic 4G, Galaxy Tab get Sprint ID this week as well as Epic's Froyo update
- Samsung Galaxy S2 mini - Launch April
- HTC Wildfire S - Launch Mid-may
- LG optimus 3D - Launch June
- Samsung Galaxy S2 - Launch May
- HTC Cha Cha - Launch June
- HTC Desire S - Launch April
- Sony Ericsson Xperia Play - Launch April
- Samsung Galaxy Pro - Launch Mid-April

Windows Phone 7
-AT&T launches HTC HD7S with WP7

- AT&T agrees to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom for $39 billion
- CTIA is going on right now, I will keep you posted

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