March 3, 2011


Virgin Mobile's Samsung Intercept getting Froyo around March 25th
Google disables contact sync in Facebook for Android, but only Nexus S for now
Motorola Atrix 4G gets the teardown treatment, fourth G nowhere to be found
Samsung Galaxy S II first with MHL port for dual-purpose USB or HDMI out
Sprint renames the HTC 7 Pro the Arrive,
Android 2.3.3 gives you another reason to want it: WebM suppory
Samsung Galaxy S 4G now available from T-Mobile
Samsung Captivate update to Froyo pegged for tomorrow, February 24th
Editorial: Motorola, sort Blur out or give it up
Microsoft details Windows Phone 7 update problem, 'small number' of Samsungs affected
HTC Arrive is Sprint's first Windows Phone 7 device, launches March 20th for $200
NEC's razor-thin MEDIAS N-04C Android launched in Japan, gets carefully manhandled
HTC Thunderbolt delayed until March 4th, says a Best Buy store with a Twitter account
Visualized: Android activations mapped geographically, chronologically, breathtakingly (
Sprint pulls Epic 4G Froyo update, cites data connectivity and SD card issues
Official Android 2.3.3 updates for Nexus One and Nexus S unearthed, available to the impatient
Android Market adds e-books; movies and music soon to come?
HTC Incredible S shipping this week in UK, will come with Froyo to start
SlingPlayer Mobile for Android - now with high quality video
Microsoft Research teases Windows Phones controlling Surfaces and crazy desktop UIs
HTC Merge official, coming to 'multiple' US carriers this spring
Samsung Galaxy S II gets very preliminary, expensive UK pricing
Windows Phone 7 coming to Verizon in March, starting with HTC 7 Trophy?
HTC Thunderbolt said to have terrible battery life, might explain delay?
Windows Phone's new UI and Xbox games are most exciting aspects of Microsoft deal
ChaCha sues HTC for Facebook phone trademark infringement
Sony Ericsson details Xperia Play development: buttons easy, touchpad just a little trickier
HTC Aria for AT&T gets official Froyo update
HTC Incredible S, Desire HD, Desire Z and original Desire will all be eating Gingerbread by the end of June
HTC Trophy spotted in the wild, sporting Verizon logo
Dell Venue Pro arrives in the UK at long last: £459 off contract, shipping in 10 days (update: Germany also)
Motorola: all our high-end smartphones will have Webtop from June onwards
Motorola subsidiary 3LM to offer enterprise-class device management for Android; HTC, Sony Ericsson, others on board
Android 2.3.2 Gingerbread leaks for Samsung Galaxy S
LG Optimus 2X coming to Europe in March, a little later than planned
Nexus One Android 2.3.3 update arrives OTA, breaks Google Voice for some
NVIDIA Tegra Zone officially launched, takes Android to new dual-core heights
Xperia Play goes back to the FCC, this time with GSM
Comcast releases Xfinity TV remote control app for Android devices
HTC Magic / T-Mobile G1 gets Honeycomb port, Android past and future fused together
Google spikes 21 malicious apps with big download counts from the Market (update: Android 2.2.2 and up are immune)
HTC ChaCha to be known as ChaChaCha in Spain, somebody didn't do enough market research
Google adding web-based in-app payments, probably some time in May
Microsoft resumes WP7 update for 'bricked' Samsung handsets
Confirmed: Tegra 2-equipped Samsung Galaxy S II is coming
HTC Merge rolls into FCC with mentions of Verizon
HTC EVO 4G coming to Japan's KDDI au, WiMAX and all
RIM preparing to bring BBM to iOS and Android, change everything again?

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