February 21, 2011

News For You

-Motorola Xoom will ship without Flash support on February 24th, expects it in 'Spring 2011'?
-NEC's MEDIAS N-04C is only 7.7mm thick, has Android 2.2, NFC, not leaving Japan
-Exclusive: Sony 'S2' dual-screen Android clamshell and 9.4-inch Windows 7 VAIO slider due this year
- Dell Streak Android nowhere to be found
-Developer gets Kinect working on Android
-PlayOn app for Android 2.2 and above means Netflix and Hulu
-MapQuest for Android brings free turn-by-turn navigation
-Sony Ericsson CTO: first LTE device coming soon also android tablets
-Samsung's Galaxy S II to have a Tegra 2 version?
-RadioShack offers Atrix 4G for $150 on launch day
-Motorola Xoom manual now available for download, ready to expose the ins and outs of Honeycomb
-Dell Rosemount tablet will have Intel's Oak Trail inside, stylus, removable battery and remote wipe
-Lenovo LePad set for a global June LeLaunch
-Google Reader Android app gets updated with unread count widget and more
-Acer jumping on the Windows Phone 7 bandwagon this fall?
-Sony Ericsson breaks out white Xperia Play, makes it an O2 exclusive in the UK
-Latest Android Gingerbread release brings NFC and Bluetooth together for tappable sharing
-Samsung Epic 4G officially signed up for Froyo starting February 21st
-Motorola Atrix 4G pegged for February 21st pre-order delivery
-Xperia Play shows up in Verizon's inventory
-Motorola: 28 percent of 2010 revenue came from Verizon
-CE-Oh no he didn't!: INQ chief says Android is too geeky for 'pretty girls'
-HTC Incredible S auto-rotating buttons explained? (video) /
-Motorola Atrix 4G already rooted, and it's not even out yet
-Samsung Galaxy S 4G will actually cost $200, unfortunately
-Amazon Appstore for Android will let you buy apps without a device
-Motorola Xoom up for in-store pre-order at Best Buy, $800 for Thursday availability
-Ixonos shows off windowed UI for Android
-Huawei offers to build out London Underground cellular coverage for free

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