November 2, 2010

Android Update 20: Part 3

- Offical Droid 2 globe specs

- Source code for Desire Z, T-Mobile G2 And Droid Incredible Update at

- 77% of Android Phones Running 2.1 or Higher, 1.5 Close to Being Obsolete

- $40 HDMI dock for the HTC EVO 4G is finally being sold at Sprint stores

- DROID 2 users – a software update is now rolling out in phases. Enhancements in battery life, screen response & more: Here

- Samsung Galaxy tab has a huge battery

- Samsung Continuum appears on Verizon's site as well as a full spec sheet

- G2 is getting a OTA update tomorrow (Nov 3) till the 8th for Wi-Fi calling

- Things Android can do that the iPhone cant

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