October 15, 2010

Android Update 18

- Virgin Mobile Canada getting Samsung Galaxy S

- T-Mobile G2 getting an OTA update to add WiFi calling and tethering?

- HTC Bee spied by way of firmware?

- White Samsung Fascinate and Sony Ericsson X10 joining Dell Streak in Best Buy this month

- TweetDeck for Android goes public with version 1.0

- Droid 2 Global appears in Verizon employee training system

- Galaxy S Android 2.2 Froyo update begins to trickle out

- Samsung Loaning Out Galaxy Tabs for Two-Day Periods in London for Two Weeks

- Opera Mobile for Android coming out of beta within a month

- Samsung Galaxy S Froyo Source Code Pulled from Open Source Release Center

- G2 Source code at Here

- Galaxy Tab unboxing Here in retail packaging

- Angry Bird is OUT!! and FREE!!

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