October 3, 2010

Android Update 16: Part 5 (100th post)

- Desire HD2 sees another ROM dump Desire HD last week and now the Desire Z

- Amazon has come to the dev world with their Amazon market for android and they have said that for the first year of development that they will wave the $99 dollar fee.

- Samsung Tab for t-mobile is now up and running for pre-refistration. Make sure that you dont miss the pre-sale on this bad-boy

- Desire got a FroYo update in Japan via the carier SoftBank

- Do you remember the Samsung beam the little phone that could? 720MHz processer with a bulit in projector? According to recient sources the phone is not going to be getting the 2.2 update from its current 2.1 but the phone might get disscontiunded all together.

- HTC Lexikon gets showoff and benchmarked befor its anounced phonedog has the whole inside story

- Sasmung Captivate gets FroYo OTA update some of the things happen include

--Colored icons in settings
--GPS Fix
--New keyboard
--Android 2.2 search widget
--GPS, Auto Rotation on notifications bar
--Darker menu theme
--Pop up notifications are darker
--New “Development USB” icon
--New app icons (AllShare, Clock, Calendar)
--Media Hub
--Nook app
--JIT Compiler
--Better Exchange support
--Android 2.2 Market improvements
--Improved notifications bar icons
--Pinch to zoom homescreens
--Adobe Flash Player 10.1 available in Market and working!

-myTouch HD found on t-mobiles website this phone is now confirmed.

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