September 27, 2010

Android Update 15: Part 4

- AT&T is bundling Wi-FI calling with android devices

- Verizon Droid 2 R2-D2 lands on September 30th (3 days away) for $249

- Telus says good buy to a epic phone the HTC Hero

- Droid 2 has a FM antenna, only available thought hack thought

- Amazon is selling that Fascinate for a penny

- SPOTTED: HTC has a new fully QWERTY slider phone, BGR broke the news its called the HTC Lexikon or Merge, has a 5MP camaera and running android 2.2

- 8 Reason to get the Galaxy tab over the iPad
--Video Formats
--SD Slot
--16:9 Wide screen ratio

- Norton makes a mobile security app for your Android phone its still in beta thought

- A simple script mod shows the incredible having 4G settings, verizon got a little a head of them self

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