September 9, 2010

Android update 11 : Part 2

-Two new phone where spoted in London the two phone are a white Desire and a sliver wildfire. Their has bin no price for these phone or release date but we know that they will be exclusive to london and UK

Ill keep you poasted but for right now drool over these pictures and ill keep you posted!

-Have you hued of Google Instant, well the droid 2 got a mobile version, it was able to work on WI-FI and 3G it also pulled thumbnails quickly. Hope to see this applied to all mobile phone soon

- Acer turns out another phone Acre liquid metal straight from Russia, its running Android 2.2 and has a 800MHz processor. Along with that its got a 3.6 inch compactive touch screen with a res of 800 x 480 along with the its got Bluetooth 3.0 and flash support.

- Google voice on your Android phone mainly home screen widgets are being seen you get a few new ones now such as the inbox and voice-mails, and a do not disturb mode its not revolutionary but its pretty fircking cool

- T-Mobile G2 now has a price attached to it and it happens to be $199 at Best Buy, the presale starts Friday Septmeber 10th and hit stores October 6th

- Samsung Fascinate gets rooted on the opening day

- Verizon stated that on its Android phones it was going to lose the Google search widget and got with BING, there are rumors going around that this will and will not happen.

- Google maps for Android has bin updated to include walking navigation and a new search bar

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