August 20, 2010



As all you know I am currently looking to get a HTC Desire and after my mission of a day to get one it might have turned out okay, both the stores that i got kicked out of didn't have them in stock. And im slightly happy for this reason

I am on rogers and the phone is from telus.
I can unlock the telus phone to work with rogers SIM card, that's easy enough. BUT telus has a CDMA/GSM network Where rogers has a EDGE/GSM network. So if i unlock it and put my sim card in it the 3G will work but not the EDGE(2g), Because the ROM that comes on the phone states that if 3G is not their then look for CDMA, but their is no CDMA on rogers. So my phone would end up 3G or nothing.

Im looking for some one to help me out on this one because I know i can just flash the ROM and it be all good but I want HTC Sence UI.

let me know what you have if their is anyone with a hacked HTC ROM and that will unlock to to ill give you some money for it

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