August 23, 2010

How I Feel About Apple

I figured it was time for how I feel about apple and why I made the blog about android phones.

I was sitting down today and thinking hey what ever happened to the white iPhone 4 I still have not seen it. Well after a little bit of looking around on the internet, I have found out its still not out, now I was thinking does it really take how every many months to put white in-place of black on the iPhone case, no its a colour come on guys, your going to believe this, obviously they are trying to fix the antenna problem they all ready knew about, why do you think apple made their own case and tried to push them on every one who bought one on that note why do you think it only covers the antenna (its not a case it a antenna problem shlid, but from the slight amount of research i have done it seams like apple has fired the guy who made the antenna and hired a new guy, for what reason, non other then to fix they antenna problem and that's why the white iPhone was never relived, they sold one and kept the other one to them selfs to fix and refine. Now if a company knows that a product is defective and will still sell it to you thats not right, I would never trust them.

Well, this is for all you apple fan boys out their, buy a android, you will be happier.

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