July 14, 2011

Update: July 14 2011

- Motorola's Photon 4G ships to Sprint on July 31st: $200 on contract
- Huawei Ascend II on sale, brings off-contract Gingerbread to Cricket for $180
- Hulu Plus Android app is now playing on Evo 4G, Thunderbolt, myTouch 4G and G2
- Twitter for Android gets push notifications, multiple account support
- SwiftKey X virtual keyboard launches for Android tablets
- International Atrix unlocked bootloader uncovered
- LG MS910 (Bryce) clears the FCC

Windows Phone 7
- Windows 8 will be across all platforms, accept phones

- Google announces Q2 earnings: $9.02 billion in revenue, $2.51 billion in net income
- PayPal announces phone-to-phone NFC support
- Spotify launching in the US today

- Google's Photovine sprouts official teaser, begins rollout later this month Check It Out Here

- Judge denies Apple's request to speed up its suit against Samsung
- Netflix hits Nintendo 3DS

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