June 15, 2011

Update: June 15 2011

- Samsung D600 leaks out as Conquer 4G
- Droid 2 Global gets Gingerbread, customizable dock
- Starbucks rolls out mobile payment app for Android users
- Gingerbread is coming to Desire
- HTC Kingdom soars into FCC with wimax
- 2.3.4. coming to I9000
- HTC's ChaCha ChaCha's its way to AT&T 3G
- HTC Sensation 4G now available at T-Mobile, $150 if you order online
- Samsung Exhibit 4G, Gravity Smart and Dart coming to T-Mobile on June 22nd
- Galaxy Tab 8.9 hitting Nordic countries
- $50 dock to its collection of HTC Flyer accessories at Best Buy

Windows Phone 7
- Windows Phone beta app plays nice with WHS 2011

- Samsung Series 5 Chromebook now shipping in Arctic White -- Titan Silver edition still to come

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