May 6, 2011

Update: May 6 2011

- HTC Flyer Wi-Fi only, coming to Best Buy comes with out the stylus, add a $80 premium for that accessory if you want to use it to its full potential.
- Guinness World Records Declares the LG Optimus 2X the first dual-core smartphone

- Google Earth gets optimized for Honeycomb tablets
- CyanogenMod 7 tops 200,000 downloads
- Samsung Galaxy S II review - Engadget Click Here

- Sleek Audio + 50 Cent = No longer, but the headphones are coming just not co-branded
- OtherOS++ brings back Linux to the PS3, Better alternative then the Playstation Network right now (to soon?)
- Sprint / Google Voice has major issues, once you sign up, you cant un-sign up.
- AT&T excituave gets excited and tell us about Android and WP7 coming to AT&t

-- Android phone will be a QWERTY slider from Pantech
-- Windows Phone 7 Will be the HTC HD7S
- Click Here For HTML 5 Tags

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