May 17, 2011

Update: May 17 2011

- Amazon Wireless reduces Inspire 4G to $30
- T-Mobile blocking GTalk video chat over 3G on Nexus S
- Select AT&T Android devices may get app sideloading as early as today
- Samsung Exhibit 4G coming to T-Mobile on June 8th
- T-Mobile confirms gratis WiFi calling
- Motorola Droid X2 turns up on Moto and Verizon sites

-- qHD screen and 1GHz dual-core processor
- Xperia Play shipment to New Zealand stolen, Vodafone Angry
- HTC EVO 3D pre-orders begin today at RadioShack, but launch date remains unknown
- Sony Ericsson Xperia Play hits Verizon for $200 on-contract comes in stores May 26th
- AT&T bringing purple Evo Shift to Radio Shack
- Sony Ericsson ST18i and CK15i leaked
- HTC Puccini touted as a 10-inch LTE tablet with 1.5GHz processor, Honeycomb flavor

- Canadian copyright group pushes for levy on memory cards, ridiculous

-- less than 1GB facing a $0.50 tax
-- between 1GB and 8GB facing a $1.50 tax
-- 8GB or more facing a $4.50 tax

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