May 14, 2011

Update: May 13-14 2011

- Motorola Droid X2 ready for May 26
- Netflix releases Android app for select HTC phones, Samsung Nexus S (unless your rooted)
- LG Optimus Black at T-Mobile UK for free
- HTC Sensation looks to have signed boot-loader
- Droid Charge comes on to Verizon Wireless today
- Xperia Acro hits FCC
- Android beats out iPhone in Japan
- HTC Thunderbolt inductive charging back hits FCC
- LG Optimus Pad coming to Rogers network May 17th
- Android 3.1 shows up on the Motorola Xoom
- Samsung Galaxy S2 gets a Update making a perfect phone even more perfect minus Touchwiw

-- Fixes Swype and auto-brightness
- Sassung Infuse 4G on sale at AT&T for 199.99
- WiFi-only Motorola Xoom won't have Movies right away
- Canadian Xooms getting SD support some time

Windows Phone 7
- Microsoft outlines WP7 tracking policy (Just like apple)
- Microsoft-approved tool fixes your 'walshed' Windows Phone
- Mango bring Office 365, Facebook Chat and Xbox Live

- Sprint adds two new 3G mobile broadband plans
- ITC judge rules against Apple in patent infringement case, Kodak=Winning
- Seagate GoFlex Satellite, a WiFi-capable battery-powered external hard drive, FCC said yes
- Logitech Revue price drops to under $200
- Samsung's foldable AMOLED display: no creases, even after 100,000 tries
- NVIDIA CEO disappointed by Android tablet sales, blames hardware manufactures and Developers. (These might be the wrong people to make mad)
- PSN back up and running in certain areas (Do you still trust Sony?)

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