April 28, 2011

Update: April 28 2011

- Droid Charge gets semi-unboxed behind the scenes at Best Buy
- XDA Developers trump AT&T, release HSUPA support for Motorola's Atrix
- Motorola tests update for Atrix 4G, includes HSUPA support
- Samsung Galaxy S II begins quest for 120 country domination
- Verizon freezes Droid Charge launch indefinitely, blaming 'unexpected delays'
- WiFi HTC Flyer visits the FCC, leaves behind a line-drawn calling card

- Motorola Xoom software update brings SSL and Widevine DRM, no LTE
- Samsung Galaxy S2
Micro Site
-- Engadget Review
- Motorola Xoom LTE update delayed until summer, same time as Bionic launch
- Android 3.1 (Yes, 3.1 tisk tisk) gets namechecked by Adobe Flash Player 10.2, will be required to enjoy accelerated 720p video
- Sprint starts selling Motorola Xoom WiFi (not WiMAX) May 8th for $600

- Nikon's D5100 impresses, captures children's birthday parties with incredible clarity

- Rogers has announced it's lighting up 150Mbps LTE in four Canadian cities this year. Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver

- HTC job post reveals intention to make a mark on American cars

via Engadget

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