April 18, 2011

Update: April 15-18 2011

- Epic 4G user agent string suggests Gingerbread is on the way
- Motorola Atrix to launch exclusively with Orange UK in early May
- Droid Charge shows its colors in Verizon training docs, Droid Bionic gets killed off?
- HTC releases Android 2.3 restore files for Nexus One
- Desire HD tries on Sensation's Sense 3.0 suit, needs some tailoring for it to fit
- Galaxy S Gingerbread update now rolling out across Europe
- Skype acknowledges Android privacy vulnerability, says it's 'working quickly' on a fix
- T-Mobile G2x now available online for $200, hitting stores April 20th

Windows Phone 7
- AT&T's Windows Phone 7 NoDo update coming April 19th?
- Windows Phone 7-certified microSD cards emerge at AT&T stores: $32 for 8GB

- Samsung promises a dual-core 2GHz smartphone 'by next year'
- iOS and Android continue chipping away at mobile gaming market, consoles remain strong
-NEC's waterproof MEDIAS N-06C to get a sprinkle of Gingerbread and 1GHz power
- Google expands NFC check-ins, clutters more restaurant windows

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