November 12, 2010

Android Update 21: Part 2

- Motorola CLIQ gets Android 2.1 at long last

- Samsung Focus having microSD issues, AT&T not installing cards in-store

- T-Mobile G2 gets a permanent, honest-to-goodness root

- Droid pro is shipping

- Motorola Droid 2 Global now available at Verizon for $199

- Opera Mobile 10.1 for Android hits public beta

- Samsung Continuum was reviled click here to see

- Android 2.2 hitting unbranded HTC Legends 'in the coming weeks,' carrier versions have 'a slightly longer wait'

- Sony Ericsson's Anzu / X12 to be Xperia Gingerbread flagship?

- T-Mobile myTouch 4G rooted, has G2 root to thank for it

- Wall Street Journal releases Android Tablet Edition app, phones need not apply

- Nexus S for T-Mobile gets brief Best Buy Mobile

- Is this the Nexus S (3 Links to click)

- Dell intros XCD28 and XCD35 Android phones for India

- Droid Incredible update starts rolling out, packs fixes and V CAST Apps

- HTC Mecha / Incredible HD pictured for Verizon with a fancy '4G' symbol here

- Samsung 'flagship' phone with Gingerbread and huge display coming in early 2011

- Galaxy Tab now available for pre-order to Sprint Premier customers

- Verizon Galaxy Tab available today, AT&T Galaxy Tab coming November 21st


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