November 1, 2010

Android Update 20: Part 2

- 3 new phones coming to Verizon on the 11th of this month

--Continuum will apparently sport a Swype virtual keyboard on top of a 3.4-inch Super AMOLED screen, to say nothing of that secondary display,
--Motorola Citrus explicitly doesn't support tethering.
--The Samsung Zeal, meanwhile, isn't a modern smartphone at all, but rather a dual-hinge device with "magic" e-ink keys that change from a standard dialer to a four-row QWERTY layout

- UK is now selling the Galaxy Tab

Coming to all the major UK carriers in addition to Carphone Warehouse, Dixons, and T-Mobile shops.

Orange starting from £499.
Vodafone's starting from £499
O2's slapped a staggering £599

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