September 4, 2010

Android update 10 Part 2 :Android vs everyone else

Android is on the rise claiming 25% of the mobile browsing market well iOS is falling just as fast and is currently at 56% the rest is RIM OS and other, I cant wait for the day where Android is above iOS and at this rate is going to happen.

 FCC gets a special phone a dual mode GSM/CDMA (world edition) HTC phone to day that is headed to the Verizon network, said to be the PD42100, the phone looks amazing its a 4-inch display. Its got Bluetooth b/g/n and WiFi at 2.4 GHz. BIGGEST roomer that is going around is that it could be packing the first 1.2GHz dual-core processor.

On a diffrent note video 8 and 9 is up and running and please forward this link to your friends as it its the QR tag for my site!!

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