September 1, 2010

Android Update 9

--Video will be coming with 8 and 9

- ENVY CAME OUT! Leave me a message saying how you like it
    - Philps has just reviled their new PMP called the GoGear its running Android 2.2 and said its going to give the iPod a run for it money

      -Viewsonic has just launched a 7 inch tab running Android 2.2, it will also have full phone functions. It will have a front and rear camera, run one 3G and have a 800 by 480 screen, the only thing is that it has a 600MHz processor

      - Ever heard of Hannspree, well if you have not you sure wont forget this tablet, Packing a 10.1 inch touch screen with Android 2.2 and a Tegra 2 processor, 16GB of internal storage with expandable from MicroSD to watch all that media on you have a screen resolution of 1020x600 it also has a huge battery at 3500mAh

      -Optimus is LGs new Tablets name

      - T-Mobile G2 (AKA HTC Desire Z, as it will be known every where else) gets specs and features some of the rumors have came true

      -Archos launches 5 new tablets (2.8, 3.1, 4.3, 7 and a 10 inch) all of them are said to be running FroYo but only certain ones will have a front facing camera and a 1GHz processor

      - Droid 2 AKA Milestone 2 is the same at the Droid X but with GSM capabilities, it will also support MoroBlur (see video in previous post)

      - Verizon is helping out in the Android game by offering Android phones and Pre-paid devices

      - Samsung Galaxy Tab get to the FCC, its sporting 2.4 and 5.8 GHz Wi-fi radios that are a/b/g/n capable, it also has a 1900MHz GSM antenna. Also their are a few roomers going around that a GSM one is being built.
      - Droid incredibale recives a 2150mAH battery add on

      - T-Mobile is extending their 4G HSPA+ coverage to 55+ city's

      Thanks for reading this all I will have more updates for you in the near future

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