August 27, 2010

No Desire

Well after calling 10 bestbuys and futershops.
I find on that has the phone and they say its 50 dollars off.
So i get their and they said they have no sale on
So i talked to the manager and he said he could not do any thing.
then i gave in and said okay ill by the phone as is for the full price
then he said that he was not aloud to do that either
i freaked and left
so then i called futureshop customer service
on the little answering thing for 30 mins i got kicked off it 2 times
then i talk to some one and he basicly said your wrong and hung up on me

so safe to say that i wont have one for a little while, sorry for making you guys all exicted


  1. i bought mine straight out from best buy, no contract, no activation fee etc... you should be able to do the same... what city are you in?

  2. Im im Mississauga area.
    On the website they say they can but I went to the store and they said they are to new to do that.

    I think its ridiculous.
    Where did you get yours