August 24, 2010

My Bad

Hey guys doing a little looking up on a few things and it looked like I missed a whole wack of information to pass along.

-HTC EVO 4G (possibly my favorite phone, i wish i could get my hands on one) is suffering from a minor case of USB problems that causes internet charging and disconnection well uploading.

-Android got a new app licensing program, and just after a few days of it being out its all ready bin broken.

-All Android 2.2 devices, unofficially got Flash 10.1

-Verizon is phasing out some of their old phones such as the Pre Plus and Storm2 to saposibly bring in more android based devices

-As you might or not might no the Droid 2 is suffering from signal woes and the newest update for the phone dose not cure this problem

-Canadian provider Rogers (who I'm with) just relived the 2.1 update for the Magic+

- Sony xperia X8 was spotted on the FFC site

- New Motorola phone called the quench XT5 was shown off today

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